Doctrine: Alliance » Striga (Megathron / Abaddon)

“We are immovable; we're here for your blood” - Dorogoth Orodruin.

He didn't technically say that, but that's exactly what our Striga Fleet is based on! The Striga is a mythological creature that appears especially in Slavic mythology, and it is known to brutally kill and devour their prey in order to gain vitality from the blood.

In order to be able to defend our rock munchers, belt heroes and otherwise engaged salarymen we designed the Striga Fleet to serve as the heavy defensive backbone. While it is immobile, all of these fits are designed towards field control; enemies get wrecked at range while being sucked dry at close range faster than hiring a five dollar hooker that's promised a 50.000 USD tip.

On this page you will find anything and everything you will need to train for the Striga Doctrine. If you're not ready yet, please do check out our support role page as it will hold information on things to fly and still benefit the fleet!