Terra Nanotech

Terra Nanotech Focal Points

  • Fighting stance: Experienced or learning subcapital and capital PvP pilots thriving together
  • Enjoy yourself: Relaxed & friendly atmosphere
  • Promoting expertise and growth: Members help members
  • Real life comes first

About Terra Nanotech

We at Terra Nanotech [TN-NT] are a mature, established group operating in sov null-sec, in the region of Feythabolis. We’re looking for pilots who want to reinforce our ranks and even corporations that are looking for new skies and are willing to merge into us.

We are active members that engage in every aspect of the game. Rookie or veteran, we have somebody to grow stronger with! We offer a mentorship group for all interested players.

Our Industrial and logistics teams ensure we’re self-sustaining any tools our pilots need to do what they want to do, and we’re happy to help!

If you’re looking to fly capitals we’re the perfect match for you, Terra Nanotech is home to several capital experts.

Terra Nanotech has a home for everybody and every hobby. Although we started as a German-speaking corporation, we recently began recruiting pilots from all over the globe and offer English and German-speaking personnel.

Our History

Terra Nanotech began its journey as a high sec corporation in Amarr space in November 2010,  with a short membership in the Confederate Economic Enterprises [CEE] alliance.

A year later we moved into null-sec as a member of New Eden Industry Alliance [NEIA] and lived with the alliance in South Providence in the QBL pocket. After a couple of months we outlived the alliance, so pushed actively forward and joined Yulai Federation where we made our home in North Providence. That was in September 2011 and we came quite a long way since then and Terra Nanotech eventually became the executor corp of the Yulai Federation [YF].

During our time in Yulai Federation, we lived through quite a number of adventures. One of the biggest was the full upgrade of the Outpost that was given to us by the alliance in October 2013. An event we surely celebrated and even the local pontifex Lord Vaari came to bless the Outpost.

Mid 2016 Terra Nanotech became the executor corporation for Yulai Federation and faced new adventures. Now we not only had our corporation to manage but the whole alliance. We had a pretty wild ride with many ups and downs and always something to keep our pilots busy.

The siege of Providence in 2018 by the (at this time) overwhelming forces of Panfam forced us to withdraw from our home pocket. At this time Yulai Federation received an offer from Legacy Coalition to move to a pocket in Immensea and we decided to try something new and took the opportunity and got a new home. Unfortunately Yulai Federation was once again under heavy pressure from enemy forces and with that lost a lot of member corporations. With the remaining forces, we couldn’t hold our systems in Immensea and had to withdraw again.

Since September 2019 we are a proud member of Evictus. [IOU] who we joined not far from our former home in Immensea. Terra Nanotech decided to join the move to Feythabolis and was the first Evictus. corporation to anchor their own structure in Feythabolis. The Zitadelle des Lichts (Citadel Of Light) was a relic from our days back in Providence (It was the outpost given us by the Yulai Federation back in the days in the system of JEIV-E) and like back in the old days it once again serves as our home!

In February 2021, we opted to join our old allies from Providence, the Sev3rance [-7-] alliance, who recently moved to Queriuos. Our “Land Mark” Citadel we took with us and it now serves as our headquarter in our new home system. Since then, together with our new alliance, we secured our new home region, during probably what is the largest war in the history of Eve.

What do we offer?

  • Excellent mining and ratting opportunities
  • Competent mining and industry department
  • Corporation jump freighter logistics (in addition to alliance freight services)
  • Experienced fleet commanders
  • Ship replacement program
  • Extensive buyback program
  • Our own professional IT infrastructure (Mumble, Discord, etc.)
  • Lots of friendly lunatics (honestly, we’re a great team!)

What do we expect from you?

  • Have fun playing EVE Online with like-minded
  • Be active
  • Join CTAs and home defence fleets
  • Have a working mic and be on comms


Terra Nanotech is always looking for pilots willing to join our team and we are happy to have a chat with you if you are interested. So feel free to drop by.

Come, let’s have a chat

Or contact one of our recruiters directly

  • Rounon Dax (DE/EN – EU time zone)
  • VampireDeluxeVWB (DE/EN – EU time zone)

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