Terra Nanotech mit eigener Souveränität

Am heutigen Tage hat die Terra Nanotech ein weiteres Ziel erreicht. Durch unsere Allianzleitung wurde uns die Verwaltung eines Systems anvertraut. Das System wurde uns in den Morgenstunden überschrieben und somit sind wir die Halter der Souveränität.

Das durch unsere Allianz Yulai Federation entgegengebrachte Vertrauen ist uns eine große Ehre, da wir zu diesem Zeitpunkt doch zu einer der jüngeren Corps in der Allianz gehören. Wir werden unsere Energie nun darauf konzentrieren das uns entgegengebrachte Vertrauen nicht zu enttäuschen. Natürlich müssen wir uns auch erst an den neuen Umstand gewöhnen und uns in die Mechanik einarbeiten.

Die “Einweihung” der Station wurde feierlich begleitet durch die Worte von Lord Vaari, welcher die Zeit fand und eine Rede zur Segnung der Station vorbereitete.

Rounon Dax:
Good evening ladys and gentlemen and thanks for coming to the opening ceremony of the JEIV-E station under the command of Terra Nanotech. The Yulai Federation put a lot of trust in our corporation by handing over the station and the system to us, and we are very proud of and we do our best to not fail this trust. In celebration of this day, free Quafe will be served at the undock ramp and Archbishop Lord Vaari is here to bless the station. My Lord, if you please …

Lord Vaari:
Non nobis domine non nobis. Sed nomini tuo da gloriam
Loving people of the Providence!
Today is a glorious day.

Our friends and members of the illustrious Yulai Federation, the famous Terra Nanotech corporation have been bessed with ownership of this mighty space station.

It is by the invitation of their exalted director, Sir Rounon Dax that we, Lord Vaari, earl of Sosan VII, despot of the Imperial Pharmacy archbishop of the Church of Providence and many more impressive titles hold this blessed ceremony.

This mighty bastion lies near the borders of civilized Providence, and burning-chaotic pits of foul Catch. Those heroes, may they be noble born or peasant must know, that they safeguard not only thea realm of good people of Providence, but the lands of our God! With hard work this region has been civilized. With blood and suffering this region has been defended and even reclaimed from the evil tyranny of barbarians and uncivilized tyrants and hexers. No doubt further sufferings are needed, for we are constantly besieged by vile, filty, sinister creatures who only wish to pillage and loot. Those creatures are only driven forth by the dream of our destruction.

As we speak of you, we know that we appear before you as a weak and frail old man. But must we have great physical prowess, when heroes such as you safeguard our region and our people?
We all know that you all defenders of this bastion already deserves everlasting riches and bountifull blessing, but yet you must remain vigilant.

While you man this dangerous, yet important and virtuous post, remember to obey your admirals and leaders. They also should know, that no commander ever have been blessed with more worthy subjects as you. God, hear our humble plea, that You will grant Your righteous blessings upon this majestic space station, and its stalwart defenders.

Help us to fully understand the secrets of this fortress, so it may better support our righteous fleets to defend this civilized region and its faitfull servants of Yours.
Bestow Your heavenly light upon this place, so its courageous soldiers could find even more strenght in their mortal hearths and even in face of mighty horde, would stand their ground. If our heathen enemies ever invade against this system, grant our military leaders wisdom to guide, and our fleets resolve to follow that guidance, so we may win a glorious victory over our foes, for the glory of Providence, its people and You.

That is what we ask for you, our God


Wir danken Lord Vaari für seine Worte und hoffen diesen Außenposten unter unserem Kommando zu einer glorreichen Station wachsen zu lassen.

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